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You Will Learn:

The "Done-For-You" sales method that's closing 1 out of 7 cold prospects!

We'll teach you how to create a demo site for each prospect before you even reach out to them, complete with notifications that are scheduled to sell the business owner!

This method gives the business owner a live demonstration of what it’s like to receive notifications from his own business…  A demo that's irresistible to anyone smart enough to see opportunity.

Copy & paste our best cold emails…

If YOU Landed a new client paying YOU $997 a month for every 7 demos YOU sent out… How many would you send?

Work just 3 days per month servicing clients

Campaigns practically run themselves!  The built in notification scheduler requires just a few hours work at the beginning of the month to set up campaigns for your clients.

Works the first week of the month and spend the rest of your time booking new clients, growing your business, and vacationing with your family!   LetReach does all the rest.

How to earn money from businesses who DON’T hire you!

Learn the affiliate programs that will pay for the business leads you can’t close (This one tip is worth the cost of this entire book. Selling your extra leads can create an whole new revenue stream for your consulting practice)

How to keep clients eager to pay you every month!

Clients feel like your fee is a bargain every month when they see the real-time analytics built into this notification platform. This report shows them just how many customers your service is bringing in at a glance.

NEVER have to re-sell clients on your service or haggle for your fees. 

The BEST and WORST times to send notifications!

Get this RIGHT, and easily send customers to any business on demand. Get this WRONG, and you will only create an angry mob of complaints and unsubscribes.

How to use notifications to sell clients on the service!

Get swipe files of the push notifications we use to sell business owners on hiring us, as well as the timing schedule to maximize their effect.

Follow simple instructions and you will hit them at EXACTLY the right time of day when they are eager to pick up the phone and call you…

Try this on your own and you’ll likely BLOW your chance at making a sale.

Help local retailers beat their BIGGEST competitor: Amazon.

Sending a desktop push notification at the right time to a retailer’s customers with the right message can get them to drop what they are doing and rush to your clients store!

HINT: Send notifications when people are most likely to be shopping online with a better deal for visiting your client’s store.

Nothing scares a small retail store like, and nothing will get them sold more than a way to steal back customers.

Especially For Affiliate Marketers! The ‘Notification Launch Jacking’

Earn more commissions by being the first!  The ‘Notification Launch Jacking’ strategy will make you stand apart from competing affiliates…

Fact: 90% of affiliates mail their list for a product launch at the WRONG time, when their prospects are too busy to read a sales letter and buy a product. Send a notification at the exact time in this guide to get customers buying products from YOUR affiliate link even without having a list.

I was shocked when I first learned about this trick… You can swipe commissions right out from under even the best internet marketing gurus.

Get Limited Time OfferThis Will Not Be Offered Again.

Go EXCLUSIVE and get paid PREMIUM rates!

Clients happily pay 3-4 times the normal rate when you agree to work with them exclusively. This is the best way to earn more money while working with fewer clients.

Why most local business ‘holiday sales’ fail  and how consultants benefit!

Every local business uses emails, flyers, and direct mail during the holidays which overwhelms customers and clogs their inbox/mailbox.

YOUR clients will be the ONLY ones using LetReach to promote their holiday sales, standing out from their competitors.

Take advantage of holiday promotions like Black Friday and Mother’s day – a time when some businesses do MOST of their sales for the year

The unlimited free lead source I use to get the contact number and email of decision makers in local businesses!

Skip gatekeepers and time wasters, use my personal lead source to speak directly with the ones who cut the check.

You can often book a paid client after just 3 emails when you go direct to a decision maker!

The 3 tier pricing model that collects monthly fees even if you don't work for the client.

Command top dollar from clients to manage their notifications marketing, while collecting smaller fees from businesses who manage their own campaigns using YOUR system. (Set them up once, and get paid monthly for the life of the business.)

How to generate hot leads using LetReach Auto Messaging!

Lawyers, accountants, insurance brokers, mortgage brokers are all hungry for leads for their business. Use LetReach to become their secret weapon lead source. Once they start seeing the leads you generate, they'll keep throwing $$$ at you!

Why Specializing in 1 offline niche can command the highest fees.

If you have a heart condition do you go to your regular doctor, or do you hire a heart specialist at twice the cost? Consulting in just one niche will allow you to focus on providing the best service and command a MUCH higher fee than working as a general consultant (perfect for those who want to work with fewer clients at higher fees). You can specialize in any niche from restaurants, contractors, retail stores, financial professionals, fitness centers and classes, dog grooming centers… any niche you have a real passion for helping.

Get Limited Time OfferThis Will Not Be Offered Again.

How to use PRICING to lock clients into your service!

Clients who work with you for an entire year will generally stick with you for the life of the business. We use a simple but effective sales tactic to get our best clients to pay for an entire year of service upfront (which can also bring in a nice chunk of change when you first start consulting)

How To overcome price objections WITHOUT lowering monthly fees!

Use this pricing tactic to close clients that are on the fence and make them feel like they owe you a favor for giving them a deal!

HINT: Flexible ‘Set Up Fees’ let you bargain WITHOUT changing your monthly price.

The ‘breaking news’ notification trick that generates leads for attorneys, finical pros, and other ‘white collar’ type businesses!

Professional office type clients have the highest customer value of any business and can afford to pay 2-3 times as much as a smaller local business. With this sales tactic YOU will become the secret weapon that drives leads into their business.

The scarcity notification! Get customers to drop what they are doing to find out more!

This NLP strategy shows customers how they are missing out on the deal of a lifetime if they don’t click your ad.

Caution: Only use this once every few months per client for best results!

The 3 types of businesses to NEVER Take on!

Don’t ever take on these types of businesses as client’s no matter how much they offer to pay you. Fail to heed this warning you will have to deal with clients who ‘shop’ your service around to make you lower your fees. constantly haggle on your price, and will never fully appreciate what you do for them. You may have to turn down paychecks, but you will be happier and live a better ‘business lifestyle’ dealing with clients who show you respect, and will go out of their way for you when needed.

Proven ready-made emails to reach out to prospects and get sales.

These ready-made emails sell your service, your fees, and direct the clients to a demo to get them sold. Never deal with a prospect who is undecided or will reject your offer… Only deal with prospects after they are warmed up to buy from you. This also means that you don't need any sales or copy-writing experience. Just make sure you use these templates EXACTLY as they are written, only adding your name and contact information. Cut your learning curve from years to minutes!

Our Black Book of Outsourcers!

Trusted Sources! Including outsourcers who: Build demo sites… Schedule notifications… Manage campaigns… And even do telemarketing to sell clients and help grow your business… This is perfect for when you are ready to scale your consulting business into a local empire so you can work less!

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